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Queen Anne Military Holster Pistol

An Extremely Rare portion of a Queen Anne military holster pistol, lock etched with crowned "AR" and signed "T. Green 07" (faint) also broad arrow ordinance stamp. Swan neck cock, and detachable pan. Walnut half stock with numerous worm wood holes, brass trigger guard and butt cap that is etched with "AR" on both sides of butt cap.

$ 2,250.00

PR French Belt Pistol

Pr. French Belt Pistols, Converted to Percussion. 6" iron cannon barrels, walnut 3/4 stock with fine carved dog head butts, iron furniture including trigger guard, side plate, belt hook and ram rod. Lock signed " Perigeaux" C. 1770's. Converted to Percussion in the 1840's.

$ 2,695.00PR
$ 2,000.00

Pair Volunteer Heavy Dragoon Musket Bore Flintlock Pistols

A Very Rare Pair Of Volunteer Heavy Dragoon Musket Bore Flintlock Pistols With 9' barrel and with Birmingham View and Proof stamps and Makers stamp, steel lock with rain proof pan and roller wheel frizzen spring, signed "DUDLEY" and engraved with King Crown, walnut full stock in fine over all condition with minor dings and scuffs. Brass furniture including butt cap, side plate, trigger guard and ram rod pipes. Original steel ram rod. (one hammer some what crudly replaced) A late example of these Musket Bore Holster pistols Circa 1820.

$ 3,500.00 PR

$ 2,500.00

French Peresian Silver Mounted Holster Pistol

A French ( Peresian) 20 bore Silver Mounted Holster Pistol for the Eastern Market, early 18th Century With 13.5" Swamped barrel with three-quarter length sighting flat, heightened with silver and engraved with a "signature" the breech section with SPANISH silver makers mark and a domed applied silver escutcheon, border and scroll engraved silver tang with further "signature". Rounded lock engraved with scroll work (some wear) and chiseled in low relief with a spray of foliage on the tail, also with a detachable pan.. Molded ebonyzed walnut full stock carver in low relief around the barrel tang and rear ram rod pipes, Silver mounts include spurred pommel finely chased with scroll work and finely pierced side plate, iron trigger guard with pierced foliate finial, silver foliage escutcheon surmounted with a crown. Later horn tip ram rod. C. 1700 - 1720. Once part of a pair for an Eastern Potentate.

$ 5,800.00
$ 5,250.00

English Flintlock Pocket Pistol

English flintlock box-lock tap action Pocket Pistol by William Archer London C. 1780 with iron frame engraved "LONDON" on one side and "ARCHER" on the other, turn off barrel, sliding safety, plain walnut slab grips (weak action )

$ 850.00

Belgian Flintlock Blunderbuss

Belgium Flintlock Blunderbuss

Belgian Flintlock BlunderbussBelgium Flintlock Blunderbuss

Belgium Flintlock Naval Blunderbuss C.1740-60 with heavy bronze two-stage barrel, raised moldings and bell shaped muzzle (unsigned, unmarked) large iron lock signed "Devillers Liege. Wood three quarter stock with original ram rod, bronze trigger guard, no butt-plate or side plate (numerous worm wood holes to butt stock, hair line crack to left side of stock.) A good and desirable blunderbuss

$ 2,895.00

$ 1,500.00

Flintlock Blunderbuss Pistol

Flintlock Blunderbuss Pistol
Flintlock Blunderbuss Pistol
Flintlock Blunderbuss Pistol

Very rare English Flintlock blunderbuss Pistol by "Peter Gandon Sr." with 8.75" two stage iron bell muzzle barrel with view and proof marks and makers mark to left side of barrel, iron banana lock with swan neck cock signed "Gandon", walnut full stock with brass furniture including spurred butt cap, side plate, trigger guard (old repair) and two ram rod pipes, also vacant excutcheon with good looking later ram rod. C. 1730 Peter Gandon: Premises behind St. Martins Church, searched by Gunmakers Co. 1698. Naturalized 1710 gunmakers corner of Coventry St. and Oxenden St. 1714, free of Gunmakers Co. by redemption,1720, At Coventry St. 1730-1740, Panton St. 1740, Piccadilly 1744. Contractor to ordnance, 1743.
$ 4,650.00
$ 3,850.00





British Flintlock Blunderbuss Pistol

British Flintlock Blunderbuss Pistol by J.W. Richards C. 1780.

$ 3,250.00

$ 3,000.00




Rouke Flintlock Boxlock Pistol

Fine William and Samuel Rouke Flintlock Boxlock small pocket Pistol with 1.5" turn off barrel C. 1800-1820.

$ 600.00
$ 550.00




English Flintlock Pocket Pistol

English Flintlock Pocket Pistol by John Jones C. 1800. 47 Cal. 1 1.5" barrel, screw off barrel.

$ 500.00
$ 450.00



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